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Experience total health and wellness with a personalized nutritional consultations and services, including live blood cell microscopy, from our customer-friendly store in Branson, MO. Nature's Sunshine Health Foods is a health foods store to which you can entrust your health and wellness thanks to our many personalized services. Using in-depth nutritional consultations, we're able to determine your supplement and service needs based on your lifestyle, activity level, and diet. You'll soon have a plan of action complete with follow-up support for your healthy living.


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Live blood analysis* is a procedure where the health care practitioner and the client observe the client's living and whole blood cells. It requires only a few drops of blood, and unlike other forms of microscopic blood analysis, does not require the sample to be "stained" or altered in any way. One pinprick on the client's finger yields the several drops of blood required to create a slide for the Phase Contrast Microscope. Pioneered by researcher Gaston Naessens in the early 1900s, modern microscope and video technology has the ability to magnify a sample image 6,000 times and project it onto a video screen. A phase contrast condenser intensifies the image, making the sample's constituents appear bright against a dark background. This allows you to observe the quality and functionality of the blood cells, as well as any inclusions or irregularities that might be present.

While the use of this screening method alone does not permit the practitioner to diagnose specific forms of disease, the presence of irregularities in the sample may be a strong indicator that all is not well. By understanding the nature of these irregularities, the client may take steps to avoid serious illness. Research indicates certain cellular irregularities are visible under a Phase Contrast Microscope 18 to 24 months before the client experiences the symptoms of the underlying condition. We do recommend that you share the information you will learn with those concerned with your health. Your Live Blood Microscopy appointment will take approximately 1 to 1½ hours, and it includes a detailed nutritional consultation. The initial findings will be available immediately.
*These tests are for informational purposes only and are no intended to substitute professional medical diagnosis and/or treatment


Biochemic Terrain Analysis* is a procedure that evaluates the internal biochemical environment of the body to gain an in-depth understanding of the "elements" within an individual's chemistry. The detailed analysis of urine and saliva provides a unique evaluation of the body's electrolyte, mineral, and vitamin excesses/deficiencies. This information also helps to identify adrenal, liver, and kidney stressors, antioxidant and free radical stress levels, stomach acid status, and digestive enzyme function. Additionally, lymphatic function, urine, and saliva pH (acidosis/alkalosis), hydration status, nervous system stress level, and metabolic type are assessed. Biochemic Terrain Testing reveals important clues about the underlying causes blocking health and vitality. Your Biochemic Terrain Analysis appointment at our store in Branson will take approximately 1 to 1½ hours.


Complete Wellness Testing* combines the real-time view of live and dried blood analysis via a phase contrast microscope and the incredible detail provided by Biochemic Terrain Analysis of saliva and urine. The procedure is done in front of you at our store in Branson and takes about 2 hours for the testing and in-depth wellness and nutritional consultations.
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